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  • What is CCTV Sewer Inspection? November 15, 2019
    CCTV, or closed circuit television, is used in construction for video pipe inspection. I's one of the most effective methods to determine defects and how to correct them. It works by using remote controlled cameras to capture high-quality videos and pictures of internal pipe conditions.What is the process like?A camera is lowered into the pipes […]
  • How Long Does a Sewer Inspection Take? November 15, 2019
    The simple task of video pipe inspection takes around an hour to complete. New home buyers should consider video pipe inspections before purchasing a home. Many are knowledgeable about the home inspection process and making sure everything inside is up to par but don't realize things could be going wrong underground.What is a sewer inspection?The […]
  • Q & A: What are the Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection November 14, 2019
    Here at Cloud 9 Services, our preferred method of pipe inspection is with video pipe inspection. We recently asked one of our underground utility experts to answer the most asked question about video pipe inspection. Q: What are some of the benefits of video pipe inspection?A: Video Pipe Inspection is very important because you will […]
  • What Do Pumping Stations Do? November 13, 2019
    Pumping stations are used to transport water from one site to another without human assistance, unlike lift stations. No contact with wastewater is necessary with this implementation. They can be useful in many ways such as supplying water to canals, circulating water through treatment systems, and draining water from low lying land. They are also […]
  • What Happens When a Lift Station Fails? November 13, 2019
    Lift stations are built to last up to 20 years when proper maintenance and cleaning is kept up. There are some instances where a station can malfunction or stop working entirely. There could be wiring problems or power supply interruptions that can cause flooding, odor or more.Issues with the motor can cause backup and not […]
  • How Does a Residential Lift Station Work? November 12, 2019
    Lift stations are facilities designed to move water from lower to higher elevations through pipelines. They are used for pumping wastewater and sewage where elevation is not sufficient for gravity flow.A lift station has key elements to make it function: wet-well, pump and piping valves, junction box, and a control panel with an alarm system. […]
  • What is Slot Trenching? November 12, 2019
    Slot trenching is the excavation if narrow trenches. This construction method is used to install pipes, cables, or conduits underground. The holes are sometimes made with pressurized water and other times by manual digging. Depending on what job is being done will determine the method that best suits the project.The process of making trenches using […]
  • How to Avoid Damaging Utility Lines When You're Digging October 2, 2019
    At times, people dig without thinking of possible consequences. Digging is a complex and potentially dangerous process. Without prior knowledge or experience, they could hit a utility line in the ground. There are certain things to keep in mind in order to avoid damaging utility lines when digging. Digging without knowing the location of underground […]
  • What is the difference between excavation and trenching? September 27, 2019
    What is the difference between excavation and trenching?Excavating and trenching describe man-made holes created in the ground. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, better known as OSHA, it is the shape and depth of the hole that determines whether the opening is a trench or excavation. Any projects that require major excavation […]
  • What does day lighting a pipe mean? September 26, 2019
    Daylighting is also known as potholing. Daylighting a pipe is a term used to describe the process by which our contractors safely and securely expose underground utility lines and pipes. This gives them an in-depth look at the subsurface infrastructure.Here’s how it works: By using hydro excavation our team is able to quickly and safely […]
  • Does pipe bursting cost less than CIPP pipe relining? September 25, 2019
    Does pipe bursting cost less than CIPP pipe relining?A major issue a home or business owner can encounter is plumbing problems. Commonly, underground plumbing and sewer issues can go unnoticed if not given the necessary attention. When assessing pipe damage and what type of repair to choose it is important to know what kind of […]
  • Pipe Lining vs. Pipe Bursting September 24, 2019
    A damaged sewer pipe in your home or business can be a major inconvenience. Fortunately there are ways you can repair pipes without having to dig up the entire yard. In case of a pipe emergency, we want to equip you with the knowledge necessary before you decide on how to repair a pipe. To […]
  • How does utility locating reduce the cost of construction? September 6, 2019
    All types of construction projects require significant planning and design before the actual project even begins. An expert and licensed contractor will know what things to consider during this process. However, many times underground utilities are overlooked or aren't considered. For this reason, there is a strong chance that unaccounted utilities will be encountered when […]
  • What is a Mandrel Inspection? September 5, 2019
    What is a mandrel inspection?Mandrel inspection is also known as deflection testing. It is simply a procedure used to determine the pipe’s roundness and quality. A mandrel is a device that is pulled through the underground pipes and allows the technician to verify if there is adequate clearance throughout the conduit. The device is pulled […]
  • Epoxy Pipe Lining Pros and Cons September 3, 2019
    Epoxy lining is a term for a variety of different plastic resins used on hot and cold water supply pipes such as HVAC piping, gas lines and sprinkler lines. Epoxy pipe lining is often viewed as an alternative to replacing and repairing old piping. The lining process involves coating the inside of the pipe with […]